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Established in 1752, the EASTON FARMERS’ MARKET is America’s longest, continuously running open-air market. Today the market remains a rich and colorful piece of Easton’s heritage. Each week it draws families, local chefs, foodies, and tourists. 

The mission of the EASTON FARMERS’ MARKET is to provide fresh, high quality, local produce and food products directly from regional farms and businesses to the 2,500 consumers every Saturday. Our market family – a passionate group of farmers, entrepreneurs, chefs, and artists – is fully committed to their craft and dedicated to making our world a better, healthier, more beautiful place. All products sold are locally grown and produced, with most of the produce naturally/organically grown. All meat and dairy are antibiotic and hormone-free, and animals are pasture-raised. And yes, all farms undergo a full on-site inspection to ensure the quality of products you expect. 

Every Saturday | May-December | 9am-1pm

Larry Holmes Drive

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